Alyssa Bono

Life is Abstract

Fountain of Youth
Oil color pencils
16 x 20
April 20, 2020

Lost and Found
Oil Paint, 37″ x 49″, December 8, 2020
Lost and Found, Ink & Alcohol markers, 6″ x 8″, February 1, 2020

Artist Statement

There is an attempt to visualize and understand the threshold between life and death. The concept of being a mortal system and understanding what we are and where we originated from isan integral part of the human experience. Based on observation, life is abstract in that it is within us. The physical form has its limitations, but we transcend into a higher being with unlimited potential upon death. There is nothing higher than the truth of our eternal existence. How should humans understand the nature of themselves? Everything seems to be converging and diverging simultaneously. The universe is significant than the sum of its parts, including us, or rather that the universe should be understood if the parts and its whole is understood. The idea that we exist inside of an infinite universe, which is everything outside of us+ us. Human beings are on a spiritual journey until death. The human outlook on death is difficult to accept—the concept of death, profound realizations, alive, here, and now. The experience is individual yet cohesive. Unified to one source. This one source is full of love and light. Being consciously invited and open towards vibrant and warm enlightenment. The goal is to inspire the viewer with creativity, passion, and understanding, You, here and now. We explore various aspects of consciousness, the brain, and the mind: the complexities and infinite possibilities in life.

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