Myrea Pena

The Old Muchacho

The Entrepreneur. Acrylic, 16X20 November 20th, 2020
New Horizons. Acrylic, 16X20 October 12th, 2020
Rewards of a Vaquero. Acrylic, 16X20 November 11th, 2020
Opening Doors. Acrylic, 16X20 October 21st, 2020
The Rebel. Acrylic, 16X20 November 20th, 2020

Artist Statement
Age only means something if we let it. Many people believe specific goals are meant to be met at specific points in their life timeline, but when we forget about those expectations and don’t allow ourselves to be limited by age “stopping points,” there is so much more we can achieve. As my grandfather opened his propane business at the ripe age of 54, he was a prime example of someone who did not let age get in his way.
My work is a tribute and celebration to a man who decided to go against the odds and against what his age deemed worthy of him achieving. Porfirio Moreno’s passion and was propane and I wanted to use these paintings to depict a different view on the propane business and showing the beauty he saw in that line of work. The old muchacho shown in my work is an older man with the energy and mindset of a younger man ready to take on the world. Even after being unable to drive or lift tanks anymore, he still found ways to keep perusing his passion, so as someone who was scared of going back to school at an older age, I took his life style as motivation. We are never too old to try new things or achieve goals we set for ourselves when we were younger

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