Jose Alexis Reyna

The Unconscious.
Differing from consciousness the subconscious is every action of our corporal movement that we are not aware of.
(Oil paint 12 x 12)
The Cataclysm
Long before science, people had to come up with their own way of understanding their own subjective reality.
(Oil paint 12 x 12)

Art statement
To aspire for beauty, sensuousness, atmosphere and the emotional response is to reach the realm of the ineffable and the immeasurable. Religion and faith, among other human universals, have its roots planted very early on in our existence. What made people back then create entire cultures surrounding ancient narratives crafted by the resonating stories of deities and the supernatural is one of the questions I would like to explore with my art. My objective with this series of works is to expose the techniques used by the ancient civilizations to evoke the essence of the divine and the unholy.

The End?
From the Mesopotamian deity, Tiamat or The Old testament’s Leviathan. massive marine monsters Bring a common sentiment: Hopelessness
(Oil paint 8 x 10)
The Self
Subjective perception through one’s senses.
(Oil paint 8 x 10)
The Journey.
The biblical sized adventure where the hero travels the unknown.
(Oil paint 9 x 12)
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