Hernandez San Juanita

Mujer Y Mundo

Oil and Acrylic
40 x 30-inch canvas
In Utero
9 inch diameter wood round

Artist Statement 

           I was raised by grandparents who worked the land for years to provide for their family, so I was taught the value of appreciating the natural world and what it provides for humanity from an early age. Years ago, I was under a blooming orange tree full of bees, I remember being scared and my grandpa calmed me down, my grandparents spoke to me about the magic of the bees and their extremely important role in the ecosystem. Since then, I have used this as a lesson of appreciation of mother nature and have tried to make sense of life through her

            I have always been fascinated my women, I believe they hold huge power and strength and I owe everything to every single woman in my life. I would see my grandmother in our gatherings, and I knew we were all there because of her and I could see the whole world in her kind eyes. I see myself in the mirror and I see my mother, my biggest inspiration for every good thing I do. This is for them and for my aunts, my female cousins, friends and acquaintances. Women face many challenges in life, and I must say that every time I look at you, I see the world and I wish I could take your pain away.

            I have created these pieces with love for women and love for Mother Nature. I feel similar energy in them, their ability and fragility to create life. This is for every woman, who feels any sort of pain, for the women that we have lost through violence and sickness. I celebrate fertility, freedom of sexual expression, creation and honor the pain, the change and the loss of life. In my paintings I connect Women and Mother Nature’s similarities and their resilience as they endure every challenge. I hope to bring attention to the important relationship and representations between humans and the natural world. I use colors that I see painted on the sky, the blood of a blackberry, the watercolor effect of black coffee and the green stain of a crushed leaf, art is in the natural world and the world is in us. YOU ARE ART. 

16 x 20 inch canvas
Renacimiento en la Tierra
16 x 20-inch canvas
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