Gracia Rodriguez

Emotional Stability

The Beauty of Grief
Relief Print on Cardboard 11 x 18
Unconditional, Judgement-Free Love
Screen Print on Fabric
22 x 33
The Great Pretender
Acrylic on Canvas 24 x 30
Resilience in Nature
Screen Print on Cardboard 13 x 16.5
Relief Print on Paper 15.5 x 22
The Great Pretender (black light)
Acrylic on Canvas 24 x 30

Artist Statement

Life is messy, one perfect example is what has taken place this present year alone. There are many trials and tribulations that we as humans experience that can heavily alter one’s thinking and emotional state. And as of late, there has been a great sense of awareness in regards to the importance of letting out one’s emotions and communicate to those around us spread primarily throughout social media. Art itself provides a great opportunity for anyone to freely express who they are, what they feel or believe in. Rather than solely reflect on their surroundings or what’s currently happening in the world around them, we are able to reflect upon our own inner state of mind. The usage of imagery and color, when used correctly, can be a clear indication of the emotional stability of just about any person.
This body of work consists of relief prints from linoleum blocks, screen-printing, and a painting aiming to shed a light on “Emotional Stability”, a trait that can be difficult to come by for many in which one is able to withstand difficult situations, embrace changes, challenges, and grow as a person. I aim to demonstrate how my own personal experiences have influenced my emotional stability as well as my development as an artist and take into consideration the psychology behind the use of color. These are pieces that will be centered around one specific experience – grief, anxiety, depression, love, and emotional resilience – that I have encountered at one or multiple points in my personal life.

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