Gabriel Muñoz

What’s Love?

Love and its Ingredients, mix media, 17.5 x 22in, November 2020
Medication, mix media, 18 x 23in, September 2020
Melt, screen print, 10.5 x 13.3in, October 2020

Artist Statement
Love is a complicated thing. There are so many versions of it and different ideas surrounding it. I want to create works based on different types and ideas surrounding romantic love. I’m exploring different connotations of parallels of love. When I design these pieces, I hope to make them show two parallels per artwork. I want to make art that causes you to explore your own ideas on love.

Details Below

Lust and Love, screen print, 19 x 24in, September 2020
Define Love, screen print, 11 x 14in, November 2020
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