Amberly Alvarez


Chayse Olivarez, Oil on canvas, 16×20, 12/9/20
The smirk of a murderer, Oil on canvas, 26×30, 12/1/20
I Killed Chayse Olivarez. Oil, Acrylic, & Sharpie on canvas. 26×30. 12/6/20

Artist Statement

On July 30th 201, My cousin Chayse Olivarez was brutally murdered in Roma, Texas by Jose Luis Garcia Jr, Philip Selvera, Sebastian Torres, and Salvador Martinez. Within my body of work I wanted to tell the story of what happened to Chayse Olivarez while also illustrating my personal view of each individual involved with my cousin’s murder and the roll they played. I also chose to focus a bit more on Jose Luis Garcia Jr and his family for the despicable behavior they displayed towards my family in and out of the court room. These pieces are very personal, they portray grief, anger, and evil witnessed and felt by my family.

Like father Like son, Oil on canvas, 26×30, 12/8/20
C.O., Photography, 8×11, 12/7/20
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